Sunday, April 10, 2011

Bohol Trip Day 2: Balicasag and Other Islands

Even if you are not a good swimmer or even if you don't know how to swim at all, don't miss the chance to discover the rich marine life of Bohol. Spend a day beyond the shores of Panglao and visit the nearby islands.

My fiance and I explored the Bohol seas during the second day of our Bohol tour last year. We arranged a boat man the previous day to take us to the islands. This tour cost us P1000. A word of advice, arrange your island hopping activity with the boat men along the shores. There are a lot of them and some of them will be the one to approach you. This is what we did because the island services in the hotel is more expensive about P1500-P1800.

We started the day early, at about 6 am, because we have to catch the sight of dolphins. Yes, dolphins! If you want to see them you have to be early on the seas. We left the Alona shore at 6 and followed the dolphins which is not easy. They are not contained in one place. The boatmen know in what part of the sea they can be seen. Amazing, right?

underwater at Balicasag Island

At around 8, we headed to Balicasag Island. This is a marine sanctuary where we saw hundreds of multi-colored and colorful fishes and corals. The boat men first docked us on one part of the island where we were met by another boat man who will take us to the sanctuary. Since Balicasag is a protected island, small manually-steered boats are the only ones allowed to go to the sanctuary. We had to pay P150 per pax for the boat.

The underwater sight at Balicasag was simply breathtaking. Period. Just be aware of the small fishes with blue tail because they bite like ants.

more fishes at Balicasag

We stayed at Balicasag for 3 hours simply enjoying the sight of fishes and corals. At around noon, we went back to our first boat man. We also ate lunch in the island where big fresh fish was served along with hot pot-cooked rice! We explored the island by foot for less than an hour. The locals in the island said that there's a lighthouse but the trail towards it was closed.

the white-sand walkway 

After Balicasag, we went to another island which name I forgot. But what makes this island special is the long white sand walkway resembling a sand bar but it's actually connected to the island. The tide was low just up to our lower leg. There were also a lot of seaweeds which makes the water uninviting for a swim. But the view reminded me of tropical paradise. This was our last stop before we went back to Alona Beach. Our trip ended at around 1 pm just in time for a siesta!

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