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Things to Do in Bantayan: Cebu Tour Day 2

There are no malls and no movie theaters in Bantayan. There's only one bank-Allied Bank serving the whole town.This is where life seem simple and uncomplicated. 

Aside from enjoying the beach, here are some of things we did in Bantayan which you may also want to do.

1. Biking

I love to bike following nature trails and rough roads. When I learned that biking is a form of transportation in Bantayan, I really planned to do some explorations using bike. After all, it is so seldom to be in the place where it is safe to go biking.

Biking in Bantayan

After eating breakfast and exploring the shore on our second day, my fiance and I rented bikes from Beach Placid Resort. Rental is P30 per hour. The weather seemed to agree on what we planned to do. It wasn't hot and humid. The sky was not overcast. Just a cool breeze and some light gray clouds. Perfect day for biking!

Small park, playground and school in the background

We followed a residential trail. This is opposite of the National Road. By following this trail, we were able to see the simplicity of lifestyle in the island coupled with lush greenery. The people were friendly who readily smiled and waved at us. We also saw a small school, a small park and a chapel.

2. Town Hopping and Motorbiking

In the afternoon of our second day, we had a tour of town using a rented motorcycle. Rental was P50 per hour or P300 for 24 hours. We were the ones who also fueled motorcycle which costs P67 per liter. It was enough for a half day tour around the island.

The National Road was clean and safe. There were few vehicles and most of them were motorcycles too! I like the sight of yellow flowers lining up the highway. Be sure to gas up and make sure that your motorcycle is in good condition because fuel is far and between.

Aside from riding the motorcycle, here are the places that we saw which you might also like to see.

Bantayan Town Proper

Bantayan Town Plaza
 From Sta. Fe, where most of the resorts are located, Bantayan town is about 40 minutes to an hour away using a motorbike. What's there to see? A really old church - the St. Peter and Paul Church, plaza and market. This is also where Allied Bank is located- just before reaching the town hall on the right side. We didn't have to go down the motorbike. We just drove around the plaza and we saw everything in a glance. (Besides, we're not that interested. )

Old, old church across the Plaza at Bantayan

You can also buy your supplies here. In our case, we bought some mineral water and chips. I would also recommend to buy your pasalubong of danggit in the market here. It's cheaper than the ones in Cebu City.

 Madridejos Town and Kota Park

Walkway at Kota Park

Shore at Kota Park

The old fort at Kota Park

An hour up north of Bantayan is the other town in the island- Madridejos. It is smaller than Bantayan Town but for me, this is worthier to visit than Bantayan Town because of Kota Park. From the plaza in Madridejos, Kota Park is just about 5 minutes away. Historically, Kota Park was a fort against the attack of Moros. Then it became a town cemetery before becoming a park. What makes this place worth seeing is the view of the sea, and I think the sunset would also be a sight to behold. The sea looked untamed and wild yet looked to inviting. There's also a walkway where you can barely hear yourself when the winds are strong.

Madridejos is at the tip of the island so you'll basically pass through all the barangays when going there.

 On a side note, avoid eating at Victoria's Inn. Their food is terrible and their pizza sucks!

Ogtong Cave and Sta. Fe Beach Club

Honestly, if you're pressed for time, you can skip this. The only reason why we visited this place was because it was one of the places mentioned in a blog. There's really nothing special about this place, at least on my opinion. On our way back to the resort, we just decided to take a look after we saw a sign.

Ogtong Cave

Sta. Fe Beach Club's grounds

The cave is inside Sta. Fe Beach Club. Entrance fee is P100 per person which really is not worth it. Ogtong Cave is small and dark. We're not even allowed to enter the cave just view it from some steps. So I was really wondering why did the people in the reception allowed us to enter and got our money when it was closed at that time. (Normally, people can swim in the cave)

To at least compensate the P100 we paid, we just explored the grounds of Sta. Fe Beach Club. I think it was one of classiest resorts in the area. The view of the sea was really nice. Actually, we're not really supposed to explore the grounds but there were no roaming guards so we might as well see the place.

3. Dining at Tristan's Restaurant

Three reasons why we enjoyed dining at Tristan's.

First, the location of the restaurant's really great. It's overlooking the sea. (Yes, I really love the sight of the sea). It's romantic! Pity that we dine here when it's already dark.

Second, the service was warm and prompt. I'm a sucker for good service so I really appreciated this place.

Pizza at Tristan's!

Third, of course the pizza was great! Their marketing catch is that they make the best thin-crust pizza. Well, it's true! 'Nuff said. And the carbonara that we ate also tasted good. Yum!

By the way, Tristan's place is at Poblacion, Sta. Fe. It's about 10 minutes away from the Wharf. It's not along the road so you have to be careful in catching their sign.


  • If you don't know how to ride a motorcycle, make some arrangements with your hotel or with a traysikad. 
  • Allot around 5 to 6 hours for town tour. 
  • Bring water! 
  • Ask  a map from your hotel. 

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