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Dusit Thani Hotel, Makati: Terribly Luxurious

Location: Dusit Thani Makati is along EDSA just beside SM Makati and near Ayala MRT. It's beside malls and just in the center of about everything. 

Dusit at night
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Thanks to my sister who works at Dusit Thani Hotel Makati, I was able to spend my birthday in their Grand Room. Modesty aside, it is the hotel's third most expensive and expansive room. It is worth a whooping P22,000 a night good for 2 people!
my generous sister posing at Dusit's receiving area

The bathroom that we had was bigger than this but i wasn't  able to take a picture but this is somewhat similar.
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The room is about 60 square meters- larger than most studio type condo units. The washroom alone can contain a small kitchen and dining area. It has a tub, a shower area, and  a lengthy wash area. Across the washroom is another washroom minus the tub and bath area. (which I really didn't understand why there's two wash rooms for a room that's good for two). Expectedly, toiletries are available for free including soft fulffy white towels! The only thing missing is a bidet. For some reason, Dusit does not have bidets while hotels with lesser stars have them.

my sisters on the couch at the receiving area

There's also a receiving area with a comfortable couch and a view of the city. During the night, there were 4 people who slept on the carpeted four without being cramped. Added to this, the couch was able to contain 2 people during the night with still some space left. I hope you can imagine how spacious the place is.

my brother and his girlfriend pretending to pose for a stolen shot

The most comfortable part is, of course, the sleeping area. The grand room has two single beds although they also offer a grand room with a queen-sized bed. Actually, even the beds are called single, they're double in size. The sleeping area is more spacious than the receiving area. You can actually dance on the space fronting the bed. Even though it's fronting EDSA and near the MRT, the rooms are sound-proofed with double glass windows.

Other amenities of the room would be the mini bar with goods five times of their prices! There's a mini ref and a water heater. By the way, the only free item in their bar are the coffee, sugar and creamer which really tastes good.

pool area

The hotel has a restaurant offering buffet food. Dinner is offered for about P2000 while breakfast is about P1000. They have a pool which only allows 2 guests per room so we didn't try it anymore. They have valet and shuttle services too.

So I guess, if you;'re really that rich and can spare some cash, it would be nice to spend a night or two in this hotel. As for me, a middle-class worker, I'm just lucky to have a sister connected to the hotel but otherwise, I wouldn't spend my hard-earned money on this hotel. I mean, seriously, there are other hotels which are less pricey with the same luxury. In fairness to Dusit, they really pride themselves of being a luxury hotel that caters mostly to businessmen. 


  1. hi we are planning to stay because it has a pool but why do they only allow 2 guests per room? i have 3 kids, not fair.

  2. Hi! The maximum guest number of two is only applicable for adults. If your kids are below 12, the hotel would allow you to have them in the room. :) Enjoy your stay! :)


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