Thursday, March 8, 2012

Cheap Hotel in Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam: Duc Vuong Hotel

Duc Vuong Hotel is a 2 –star hotel located along the vibrant Bui Vien street in District 1. Compared with other hotels in the area, Duc Voung Hotel is tucked on the edges of the quiet part of the street. Hence, this hotel is ideal for a taste of a Vietnamese night life yet also a place of rest. For discounts and other perks, book directly at Duc Vuong Hotel instead on hotel booking sites.

Duc Vuong Hotel facade

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On my first night in the hotel, I stayed in a Junior Suite worth VD840,000 or around USD 40.  I only paid the half day fee since I arrived at the hotel past midnight. The next two days of my stay in the hotel was spent in their Bed and Breakfast rooms which cost about USD 11 per person. If you don’t have anyone to share your room with, you have to pay for 2 people. Both rooms are clean and have the same amenities- hot and cold shower, toiletries, towels, cable TV and WiFi access. The only difference is the size of the room. The Junior Suite is bigger. But then again, who needs a bigger room when you’ll only spend the night in your room.

bed at junior suite room

The beds of both rooms are of the same size. The linens and towels are changed everyday including the toiletries. They also provide free coffee for two. There’s also water dispenser on every floors so you can refill your bottles before going around the city. Comfortable sofas are also scattered on every floor should you want to hang out with other guests. The best place to drink coffee (since I am a coffee lover) is on their rooftop garden. It’s a small patch of land overlooking District 1. It’s soothingly relaxing esp. at night when you just want to look at the bright lights but not necessarily take part on it.

computer area

Aside from the usual hotel amenities, Duc Vuong also has several computers on the ground floor for guests who need to browse the internet. They also have a buffet restaurant that provides free breakfast for all their guests and free dinner for guests in selected rooms. Tropic Tours, one of the cheapest tour packages you can avail in Vietnam, has an office on the basement area of Duc Vuong. Airport transfers are also available but for a cheaper cost, there’s no need to avail them.


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Lastly but most importantly, Duc Vuong has a very friendly and helpful staff. They were ready to answer all my queries including things to buy for pasalubong. Every time, we return to the hotel, the staff would ask how we were and would cater to our needs whether we give them tips or not.

Credit card is accepted but they don’t change money. If you want to change dollars to dong near the area, there’s Albatross Travel and Tours , a few blocks away from Duc Vuong. They also provide cheap tour services.

The only thing that may stop you from booking in this place is maybe the knowledge that there are other cheaper accommodations around the area. 

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