Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Affordable Resort at Nasugbu, Batangas: Maryland Beach Resort

Nasugbu, Batangas is a well-known weekend spot for families and friends. With its proximity to Manila, resorts along the beachline of Nasugbu are quite overpriced.

Maryland Beach Resort is one of the most affordable resorts along the Nasugbu shoreline.

The sand in Nasugbu is fine black. The water is actually clear although its not obvious due to the sands' color. Waves are soft and ideal for families with small children.

Nasugbu beach

Cheapest room is their economy room worth P1200. The room is meant for two but with the available space, even 6 to 8 people can accommodate the room. The resort management allows additional guests during peak season.

economy room (without TV and private toilet)

Downside of this room is the lack of private toilet and no TV. The common toilet is not very clean.

They have other rooms which, I think, are more comfortable and presentable. Tents can also be rented for about P 500.

beach tents

Maryland Beach Resort also has a medium-sized pool. The water is okay but the pool looks a bit old. The tiles are old-fashioned and there's some molds at the bottom of the pool.

swimming pools at Maryland Beach Resort

An area for beach volleyball is also available.

Sunset is a sight to look forward to.

sunset at Nasugbu

Horse back riding and island hopping are also available from other nearby resorts.

Maryland Beach Resort has a small variety store but they don't have a cafeteria. However, there are a lot of restaurants near the resort where you can order your food. Jolibee and Mang Inasal also deliver food.

I recommend this place if only for the affordability of the place and considering that you'll also swim on the same waters for a cheaper price!

By the way, make sure you place your reservations during weekends and peak seasons since the place is jampacked!

Photo Credits: All pictures were taken from Maryland Beach Resort's multiply website.


  1. We've been here last week, and we are very disappointed with the place! as in sobra!!nakakapeke kasi sa net, so we think na this place was really good!!But all of that turn into disappointment as we reach the place! when we called them we told them we are a group of 20 persons, and they suggest us to take a room that they said can accom0date all of us, but when we were on the actual place, the room that they gave us can only occupy maximum of 10 persons!!den nung nagask kami if meron pa iba rum, wala na daw dahil dun daw kami nakareserve, and worst , when we try to avail another room, they can only give us a room that cost Php 1500 for just an 8 hours of stay with no aircondition..

    Not only the room, but the beach as well, tlagang nakakadisappoint cya sa dami nang basura sa shore..may mga diapers pa eben on the beach nung umahon ako ay dumikit pa sa paa ko..
    Mejo ok lang d2 eh yung waves, lalo na dun sa mga mahilig maglaro sa waves pero if your looking for a relaxing place to stay with your family, this is not advisable on my opinion...kakastressed ung itsura nung beach, sayang pa naman cya dahil malalakas ung alon nya..

    1. I'm sorry to hear your bad experience with this place. Actually, the best thing (if not the only good thing) about this place is the affordability as compared to other resorts on the same strip.

      I haven't seen the other rooms except for the room where we stayed which is featured on this site.

      The beach was clean when we last visited the place. Maybe because it was a weekend so they made conscious effort to clean the area.

      Anyways, thank you for your inputs. I'm sure other readers will find them useful whether they would want to give this place a try.

  2. Can we bring food inside? Like ihaw on the spot?


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