Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Tips for Overseas Job Application: What to Watch Out For in Recruitment Agencies

Working overseas has become a common trend. Whether married or single, with or without family, young or old, a lot of Filipinos desires to work overseas to earn more. Still several number of applicants become victims of illegal recruiters and hefty recruitment fees. To avoid these, here are some tips when applying overseas. 
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1. Check the POEA Status of the Recruitment Agency

The POEA website has a list of accredited agencies. These agencies are accredited because they have complied with the POEA's standards, more or less. If the agency you're applying in is not on the list, then don't pursue your application. Also, never never apply to an individual. No matter how convincing that person may sound, just don't entertain him. 

2. Think twice when an Agency discusses the placement fee instead of the job

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A good recruitment agency aims first to give jobs. Therefore, if an agency discusses fees and other bills extensively (even before the job) be smart enough to discern the credibility of the agency. Even some registered agencies are like this. As soon as you pass your resume, they would be discussing the placement. Obviously, they are just after your money!

3. Never pay more than a month's salary for placement fees.

It is unlawful for any agency to ask for more than a month's salary for placement fee. So just don't pay more than a month's worth. You can actually report these agencies to the POEA. Also, do not pay anything as long as you don't have a working visa and plane ticket yet. 

Bear in mind that you are not indebted to an agency even if they "helped" you have a job overseas. It is their job and they get paid by doing it. Do not allow yourself to be exploited in anyway. 

Good luck and happy job hunting!

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