Monday, March 21, 2011

Taking Another Leap

It is ironic that just less than a month ago, I was full of hope and brimming with expectations. A lot of opportunities are coming my way which I had the luxury to turn down. I was so confident that I can have a job after I finished my contract. Ever since I decided to resign from the teaching post I held for three years, I spent a lot of times wondering what will the next thing for me. I turned down a job offer in China so I can finish the school year in my current school. I was so sure another job will be offered to me soon. But then, it did not come as I expected. In less than a week from now, I will be jobless.

Countless times I have pondered to retract my resignation. I am so afraid to go out of the portals of the "known" world. I am in fear of not knowing what will be my next step. I want to have some sense of direction. But as much as I fear the unknown, I also fear of staying in my comfort zone. I don't like to stay knowing that my heart is longing to go to another place, to do another thing. It terrifies me to venture into the limbo but I know it will kill me to stay grounded at the same spot just because of fear.

In a matter of days, I won't be able to walk the halls of the school where I started my teaching career. In a matter of days, I will not be able to talk to the friends I have gained. In a matter of days, I will be waiting until I am given the chance again to teach- in another place. All the assurance I can get is that, my God brings his children from glory to glory. I am one of his children. He will surely bring me from glory to glory. But I have to take that leap of faith- that leap of leaving my comfort zone towards a higher and fertile ground.

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