Saturday, March 19, 2011

World's End

Earthquake in NZ, tsunami in Japan, nuclear threats, floods in Leyte and endless war in the Middle East. Just watching the horrifying videos and photos of these disasters makes one think that perhaps it is the world's end. Armageddon is not only a Biblical prophecy. Even Science has long -ago predicted that indeed our planet has an ending.

I'm blessed not to be involved with any of these disasters but not being a victim does not make me feel any better. I guess, even for those like me, you don't feel any good too. I wonder how much worse do the victims feel. The main thing is that- all of the people of the world share the same feelings of loss and tragedy. And, I believe, is the good side of it all .

Because of these calamities, we are reminded of our humanity and mortality. Because we cannot do anything with nature, we are reminded that we are just humans- frail, minute and still fighting to survive after 2 millennia. But at the same time, because we are humans, we can do something to extend help, to make things better, to learn from the experience.

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