Sunday, January 2, 2011

A Lesson from Fireworks- Part 1

The holiday season that is just about to end has been peppered with fireworks display. The Christmas season and New Year's celebration seem to be more perfect with fireworks. But personally, I'm not willing to spend on fireworks. On the practical side of it, they are just momentary burst of beauty with no substantial use.

However, as I was watching the displays during the New Year's eve, it struck me how people stop and look-in awe of such explosive beauty; how people -good or bad- stand in amazement of the grandeur before them without thinking of the cost; how people are filled with sheer joy by just staring at it. And so I realize that people should be have a "firework" moment at least once in their lifetime. A moment in which they will shine at their brightest and make others stand in amazement. In that explosive moment, others are inspired and filled with expectation to see another display.

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