Friday, December 31, 2010

Bye-Bye to Old Things!

In a few hours, 2010 will be officially part of history. It has been a great year for me but I just don't like the fact that I have no planner yet to welcome 2011. You see I am very much into organizing things. Planning "Things to Do" for the next day is part of my daily routine before sleeping.

I believe that my planner should be a reflection of who I am- chic, light and simple. Back in college, my planner was the Papemelroti recycled planners that costs less than 20 php. Then I switch to Luxe Prints Planners which can only be found at Fully Booked because I have to do more things and plan more activities. Unfortunately, Fully Booked stores do not offer the Luxe Prints Planners anymore. I've searched for it from SM North to Mall of Asia and all possible Fully Booked stores in between. I rummaged through Power Books and even try to find substitutes from National Book Stores. But there's no planner that can match my Luxe Prints Planner. I guess some cosmic entity is trying to tell me that 2010 is over just like your romance with your Luxe planners. Try another brand, another style. Dare to leave your comfort zone. Have a bigger plan with your life!

So I'll give up my search for my perfect planner. I guess I have to do less planning and more living.

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