Monday, May 2, 2011

Bolinao, Pangasinan Resort: Paradise at World's End at Puerto del Sol

Puerto del Sol is located at Bolinao, Pangasinan. It is about 2 to 3 hour drive from Alaminos Pangasinan where the Hundred Islands is located. The road is a bit rough and winding. The road to Puerto del Sol is not for beginner drivers. The resort is almost at the end of the road where other resorts are  housed. It is near the famous lighthouse and some caves which are worth seeing. I believe, it is one of the more expensive resorts. A friend from Pangasinan was the one who recommended and treated me for an overnight stay at Puerto del Sol.

my friend, Marissa, on Puerto del Sol's poolside

Puerto del Sol in a nutshell is a great resort in terms of facilities, food, ambience and view. The resort sits on the edge of the beach on rolling terrain of trees and grasses. The garden is lush with greenery and flowers. There are two large pools where the water is not too cold for a dip even at night. The resort is also fenced from the beach so it feels safe from intruders.

On my stay at the resort, I spend the night at one of their Nipa Huts where they provide mattresses. There were four of us that fit in the hut. The hut has roll-up tarpaulins to serve as cover during the night. It wasn't too private for a honeymoon but then it's just right for a barkada outing. The common wash rooms were clean anyway.

casitas for the night
(our nipa hut was smalller)
Food, of course, is pricey but sumptuous. Serving is worth the price. Besides, there were no stores outside the resort to buy food.

Bolinao breakwater

The only thing that just seemed just "okay" for me was the beach. I think the sea water in this part of Pangasinan is more for scientific discovery than for leisure activity. The water is just too rich of various sea plants and animals. It is hard to swim without bumping on an urchin or a seaweed. I even saw a seasnake. Sand is also grayish and not too fine.

Bolinao sunset

However, the best thing about the resort was the sunset view. (I love sunsets so!) There's also the breakwater where the sea seems violent yet very inviting. It seems wild, raw and yet so beautiful.

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