Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Tips on Rekindling Romance

So you have found stability with your partner. Years of being together had somehow given you the security and comfort you seek from a romantic relationship. Your romantic partner has evolved into your best friend, your guardian, your pet and sometimes your enemy. The challenge now is how to keep the fire burning after all the excitement in the getting-to-know stage and after all the sweetness in the honeymoon stage.
Here are some ways to stoke the embers of romance and keep them aglow with fire:
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1. Plan small surprises such as an unplanned visit to your beloved's place or office. Bring a bouquet of flower or food for lunch in an ordinary day. Send a sweet or a passionate message (whichever you prefer) in your partner's email. Text a simple "I love you" during an unexpected time of the day. These simple suprises are thoughtful reminders of your feelings for each other. They break the monotony of routine which you may have developed during your years of being together.
2. Try new things together. New situations help you see the other person in a new light. So plan out some activities together which you haven't done before. It can be as simple as ice skating or as drastic as joining a regular ballroom club . It can also be as trivial as doing funny faces in a photo booth. The key is that both of you are willing to try out something new for the sake of being together.
3. Get-away from everything once in a while. A weekend devoted to your partner alone can revive all those passion you've felt at the start of your relationship. Leave all your work behind for a day or two and simply rediscover each other. Remember the times when your partner was at your top priority list. It would be better if you can plan going to some place. You'll be surprised of how a different setting can help you see your partner in different perspective.
4. Dream and reminisce. Couples who have been together for a long tme have the tendency to assume that they know each couple 2other too well. The years of togetherness also relagated their relationship at the back seat. Take time to dream and reminisce together. Sharing your dreams is like inviting your partner to your future. Taking the time to reminisce how you were together in the past helps remind the two of you of the things you've gone through together as a couple.
5. Have a regular Me-time. Your partner loved you before because you were you. And admit it, being with someone can somehow drain you emotionally. Replenish your spirit by having a regular time for yourself. Buy something for yourself. Hang out with friends. Indulge on a hobby or on a luxury. As much as you are part of a couple, you are also an individual person who needs some space from time to time. Boosting your individual spirits also boosts your relationship as a couple.

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