Monday, April 18, 2011

Bohol Trip Day 3: Countryside Tour

Aside from enjoying the beaches in Panglao, don't miss the scenes in the countryside of Bohol. Environmentally and culturally, Bohol countryside tour has a lot to offer.

It was on the third day of our Bohol Trip when we went sightseeing the countryside of Bohol. We went around Bohol with a hired van cum tour guide. He is Manong Fidel whom we contacted through Paragayo Resort. We spent P1000 for the countryside tour package.

Based on a friend's advise, we decided to see the farthest place. Here are the places to visit:

1. Tarsier

I must admit I was a bit disappointed with the place where we saw the tarsier. I thought we're going to some woody place. However, we just drop by a cottage along the way to Chocolate Hills and lo and behold! The cottage is actually a tarsier sanctuary.

2. Chocolate Hills

You've never been to Bohol if you won't visit this. That's it!

3. Man-Made Forest

Along the way to and back from Chocolate Hills, spend a few minutes at the Man-Made Forest. It is part of a road in which mahogany trees are planted along the sides. What's admirable with this place is the fact that people who planted these trees took the time to take care of the environment.

4. Butterfly Farm

This is a small butterfly sanctuary where you can find various breeds of butterflies. What I admired here was the local guide's knowledge on all the butterflies in their place. This is also good for picnics or to have a snack.

5. Hanging Bridge

After admiring the stunning chocolate hills, drop by at one of the numerous hanging bridges along the area. Cross the bridge for some sense of adventure.

6. Loboc River Cruise

Have buffet lunch at Loboc River and just feel the beauty of nature. There's a cultural show at the end of the river where kids and adults dance, sing and play local songs.

7. Baclayon Church

It's old and architecture is old making it historical. They have a museum inside and some frescoes.

8. Largest Snake

Drop by at the house of the largest snake in the world. According to the care taker, the snake's abnormal growth is due to the love and care it received from the family.

9. Souvenir Shop

Just see the goods but no need to buy. You can find cheaper souvenirs along the way.

10. Blood Compact Site

It's historical and that makes it worth to see. The view from the site is also worth seeing.

11. Bohol Bee Farm

End your day with an early dinner at Bohol Bee Farm!

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