Wednesday, June 15, 2011

How to Deal with DFA Fixers

I've been going back and forth to DFA for the past weeks to process some papers for authentication. And not once in those times have I not witnessed DFA fixers trying to lure victims into their illegal transactions. With the presence of the Barangay Tanods, they have subtle means to get the attention of those who are unaware of their machinations.

Here are some ways on how the fixers at DFA try to victimize people:

1. Fixers would loudly say, "Wala na jan ang DFA."

Don't heed these people saying those lines. Once you stop and ask them where the new office is, they would start confusing you and extract money from you. Fixers use this ploy because the DFA Office is a large compound with confusing entrances and exits for first-timers. Although there were some changes in the entrances and exits, the DFA is still in the same building.

If you really don't know where to go or where to find the DFA, ask the uniformed security guards from the establishments around the area. There are several stores and schools around DFA. Ask the guards. Do not ask the people milling on the sides. Chances are they are fixers waiting for someone to ask them.

2. Some fixers would pretend to ask you where DFA is.

Some fixers would wait for people going to DFA. Then, they would slowly walk up to you to ask if you know where DFA is or if DFA is still opened. Once you answered their question, they would try to strike a conversation. If they learned that it's your first time, then they would try to pretend that someone told them that DFA is somewhere there.

In my case, a man walked up to me and asked where should he authenticate his documents. I pointed to the direction and told him that since I'm also going there. He then told me that he thinks, it's beside a red building. So I looked up to him and said "Fixer ka ba? Pabalik balik na ko dito." (Are you a fixer? I've been here a lot of times.) Then he walked away from me and perhaps waited for another victim.

If somebody ask you for directions or about anything regarding DFA, either share what you know cautiously or tell the person to ask the guards. If you're unaware of what you should do, don't immediately believe the person who talked to you. Again, there are plenty of guards to ask information from.

3. Some fixers would walk with you as a group and try to talk to you.

In Filipino, the term for this action is "kuyug." Three or four fixers would try to surround you subtly by walking with you. They would ask questions or they would try to "help" you. Some would try to say that you need this and that. They can be overwhelming if you're alone.

If this happens to you, just ignore them. Try to walk close to the establishments where other people can see you. If they become threatening, tell them to go away or else you'll shout. Always make sure that you are visible in the sight of other people.

After being aware of these modus operandi, here are some things you can do to avoid falling to the traps of the fixers:

1. Know where you're going. And even if you don't know where you're going, pretend to know. Don't look weak or ignorant about the place. Don't look around. Just walk straight then ask for directions to the uniformed guards.

2. Don't display your documents. Most people coming to DFA have folder or an envelope with them containing documents. As much as possible, bring a bag or a file case. Why? People with documents are red flags for fixers. When you hold your documents, it is easier to assume that it would be your first time or that you really have a business with DFA. You become less of a target when you just have a bag. I can personally vouch for this. The only time that a fixer came up to me was when I was holding a pastic envelope with visible documents. The other times, I have a big bag where I can fit my papers.

3. Don't talk to anyone except to the uniformed guards. Just walk and don't entertain any conversation or questions. If the person approaching you has a question that you don't know, just say you don't know and refer him to the guards (again!). If you know what the person is asking, continue walking even if you're answering his queries. Look like you're in a hurry but not scared.

It's actually sad that people has to be guarded when they're going to going offices like DFA. It seems to illustrate how incompetent the government in protecting its people when they are just so near.

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