Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Great Online Jobs: Earning Extra

The internet did not only give way to loads of information. It also made working from home so much possible. Home-based online jobs are good news for parents who can't leave their children, for students who are hesitant to do part-time jobs and even for retirees who still want to keep their minds sharp.

Here are some sites that you can visit and see for yourself if you want the jobs they offer.

1. Rarejob

If you want to meet some foreign students and teach English, try to apply at Rarejob. Rarejob Philippines Inc. is an online language school that caters to Japanese students. They are always looking for home-based online English tutors. Unlike other online academies, Rarejob has built a solid reputation. The company was also featured in Japan several times already. You can earn from P90/hour to P150/ hour depending on your qualifications. However, you must a student or a graduate from the University of the Philippines. If not, you must be referred by a tutor from UP.

Web Site: http://www.rarejob.com/professional/

2. Bright Hub

If you're into writing and sharing information, consider Bright Hub. What makes Bright Hub better than other sites are, first, there's just a variety of topics that you can write about- from home decor to business, from education to computers. The website welcomes writers from various fields so everyone has a chance. Second, they're not biased towards US residents unlike other sites. Wherever you are in the world, you are welcome. Lastly, Bright Hub gives upfront payment. This means that if your earnings do not depend on page views. As long as your editor approve your work for publishing, then expect to receive $10 or more or less P500 for a 500-word article. Currently, Bright Hub is implementing some changes and one of them is by increasing their pay to the writers, around $15 for a 600-word article.

Web Site: http://www.brighthub.com/

3. ODesk
You don't like to teach and write but still you want to earn through online jobs, then  browse ODesk. ODesk offers various online works such as encoding, graphic design, blogging, etc. Payment depends on your agreement with the contractor and the nature of work. You can earn $1 or P50 (depending on the exchange rate) to about $10 or more.

Web Site: https://www.odesk.com/

These online jobs are worth your time. (I would know cause I've also tried them.) You just need a stable internet connection and some talent then you can start working! Good luck!

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