Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Tagaytay Itinerary in Two Days: Quick Getaway

After a stressful summer, the BF and I decided to take a breather before another stressful school year begins. Since we're saving up for another trip on July, we decided to take a quick rest at Tagaytay.  We planned not to indulge too much but also not to go to a super budget trip.

Day 1:

We left Manila at 8:30 am. We rode the BSM bus at Pasay rotunda bound to Nasugbu.  Their terminal can be found in the back of Mc Donalds and Sogo Hotel near Taft MRT station.We told the driver to drop us off at Olivarez Terminal before Tagaytay rotunda.

Tagaytay Rotunda
 We arrived at Tagaytay past 11 am because the BSM bus did not pass by SLEX. It pass through several cities in Cavite. Travel would have been faster if we have taken Crow buses.

Our first stop was at Picnic Grove. From Olivarez Terminal, we rode a jeep with the signboard People's Park. First thing we did was try the zipline. For first timers, it may be thrilling but I think it's a bit short and expensive.

hanging bridge at Eco Trail
 After the zipline, we passed by the eco trail and took some pictures along the way.

The way up from the trail was a bit tiring so we ate lunch at Alamat Restaurant. Food is okay. Service is a bit slow and there are some flies because the place is open.

ube jam, 900 grams, from Good Shepherd Convent

After lunch, we decided to buy ube jam for pasalubong from the Good Shepherd Convent. This is the producer of the famous jam in Baguio. It's a 10-minute walk from Picnic Grove.

facade of 5R Rooms

Then we checked-in at 5R Rooms for Rent where we will stay for the night. From the Good Shepherd Convent, we took a jeep bound for Olivarez. The hostel is along the highway so it's easy to see. It's beside Keni Po Rooms. It's important to make reservations since the place has a lot of guests. The person who met us was friendly and helpful. We even asked her to refrigerate the jams until the next day.

We rested for a while and waited the rain to stop since it suddenly rained. At about 3 pm, we went out again to go to Calaruega Church. The Church is an hour away from Olivarez, Tagaytay.

Calaruega Church
From our hotel, we rode the tricyle to Olivarez terminal since the passing jeepneys are full.  From the terminal we rode a jeepney bound to Nasugbu. We drop off at Evercrest then rode another tricyle to Calaruega. We arrived at 4. The church closes at 5:30 so we had enough time to explore the grounds.

Pamana Restaurant at night
Since we also like to enjoy the food in Tagaytay, we had dinner at Pamana Restaurant. The ambience is elegantly homey. We just ordered Bulalo because the waiter said it's good for 5 to 6 people and there's just two of us. Since there's just a few patrons, we stayed until around 8 pm. And besides we're too full . Honestly, we regretted eating dinner here. For a bowl of rice good for two, a bowl of bulalo and a pitcher of iced tea (that tasted like Nestea), we paid P950! Maybe we should have had our breakfast here.

From Pamana, we walk to the terminal again. This is a good  way to lose the calories we gained (haha!). On the way to the terminal, we passed by an Ukay-ukay shop. The clothes are so good and cheap but we didn't buy anything. We went to 5R via tricyle. We planned to drink some coffee from a nearby cafe -Java Jazz but we're too full. (And it was the ending of Mara Clara!)

Day 2:

 The first thing we did when we woke up was to swim at 5R's pool. The water was bearably cold.

Then we checked out and had lunch as Java Jazz. It's a few steps from 5R. Finally, we get to taste their chocolate drink. It was heavenly! The place was also soothing and inviting.

on the way down the entrance
At quarter to 1, we decided to go to People's Park. We stayed there until 2:30 pm before going home to Manila. And that ends our Tagaytay trip. Wishing to come back soon!

Cost of the Trip:

P1,200 -overnight lodging at 5R Rooms

P   312 - fare for two from Manila to Tagaytay and back
P    22  - fare from Olivarez Terminal to Picnic Grove
P   16 - jeepney fare from Good Shepherd to 5R
P  100 -tricycle fare from 5R to Olivarez Terminal and back (to visit Calaruega)
P  100 - jeepney fare for 2 from Olivarez to Evercrest and back
P  100 - tricycle fare from Evercrest to Calaruega and back
P    22 - jeepney fare for 2 from Java Jazz to People's Park for two
P    42 - jeepney fare from People's Park terminal to Olivarez
P    40 - tricycle fare from People's Park entrance to terminal

P   360 - Lunch cost at Alamat Restaurant
P   950 - Dinner cost at Pamana
P   450 - Brunch Cost at Java Jazz 
P  485 - ube jam products for pasalubong
P 2245 -TOTAL cost for FOOD

P  100 - entrance fee for two at Picnic Grove
P    60 - entrance fee for 2 at Calaruega
P    30 -entrance fee for 2 at People's Park 
P 600 - zipline at Picnic Grove
P 790  - TOTAL for other ACTIVITIES


  1. Hi ask ko lang. How where you able to reserve sa 5r? They don't reply on emails or sms kasi. Thanks!

  2. Hi! Try to call them. I did my reservations through phone call. Good luck!


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