Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Places to Go at Tagaytay: The Common Sights

If there's a perfect reason to go to Tagaytay, it's the sight of  Taal Lake. That's why people flock to cliffs and steeps just to get a glimpse of this lake and the volcano on its center.

Here are the usual places to visit in Tagaytay:

1. Picnic Grove

view deck at Picnic Grove

This place is meant for -picnics as the name implies. There is an area peppered with sheds and tables where you can also get a good view of Taal.  Aside from that, Picnic Grove also offers zipline, cable car and horse back riding activities. It also has a short eco trail located with a hanging bridge, tree-filled shady areas and lots of steps. There's also view deck with a small function hall beneath it. There are also a lot of souvenir shops inside the park.

Entrance Fee        -   P 50
Tables and sheds  -   P100 and up
Zipline/ Cable Car - P300 (for a two-way ride with a souvenir picture)
Horseback Riding -  P150  (for half an hour)

How to Get There via Public Transpo:
1. From Manila, take a bus going to Tagaytay or Nasugbo. There are bus terminals in Cubao and at Taft. (We rode the BSM bus at the bus terminal behind Mc Donalds and Sogo Hotel at Taft. Fare costs P78)
2. Drop off at Olivarez Terminal. It is near Tagaytay Rotunda. Take a jeep with the sign board People's Park. Tell the driver to drop you off at Picnic Grove. Fare only costs P11.

2. People's Park 

other view of People's Park
Originally this is called as Palace in the Sky since this was supposed to be a rest house of former president Marcos. But since this was not finished and just became a decaying structure, the government developed this place into a park. The view of Taal is more spectacular here since this is higher than Picnic Grove. However, the area is smaller and there's nothing much to do except to enjoy the view and eat. Take note that upon entering the gate, you have to hike up a half kilometer slope. There are jeepneys from the gate to take people up if you don't like the idea of hiking.
 Cost:  Entrance Fee - P15

How to Get There and Return from Wherever You Came From:

The road to People's Park is the same with Picnic Grove, only a bit further.  Instead of paying P11, you have to pay around P21 from Olivarez terminal to People's Park.

The more confusing part is how to return. Even if the jeepneys from Olivarez Terminal will drop you at People's Park, you will not find any jeepney when it's time to return. Instead you have to take a tricyle from the park down to the jeepnet terminal. Fare costs P40. If you're not too tired, you can also walk down from the park to the terminal. From the terminal, ride a jeepner bound for Olivarez terminal.

3. Calaruega Church

outside the chapel

Technically, Calaruega is not located in Tagaytay but in Nasugbu, Batangas. It is also in the opposite side of Picnic Grove and People's Park. But if you have the time, try to visit this small church on a hill with a view of the lake. You can reflect and spend some quiet moments with yourself and be at peace with god. The church has a koi pond where you can feed the fish. It also has a garden cafe.

How to Get There from Manila or Tagaytay:

Take a bus going to Nasugbu that will pass by Tagaytay. Drop off at Evercrest. Then take a tricyle going to the church. Tricyle fare costs P50. You should also get the driver's number because you have to text him to fetch you when you need to return home.

Cost:  Entrance Fee - P30

Of course, these are not the only places where you can get a good view of Taal. But they are worth mentioning for their popularity, accessibility and cost. 


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