Monday, July 11, 2011

What NOT to WEAR in Job Interviews

Whether employers admit it or not, they judge people based on their appearance. And I believe that there's nothing wrong with that. After all, if I were the employer I would also want to see the applicant exert effort with the way they look.

Power dressing may already sound cliche but still not many people understand what it means esp. during job interviews. Since I have been conducting several job interviews lately, I took some notes of what I think people SHOULD NOT WEAR for interviews.

my model well-dressed applicant

1. Big earrings, hoop earrings, dangling earrings, glitzy bling blings!

During one of the job inteviews I had, there was this fashionista girl wearing big hoop earrings with her hair swooped high and thick make-up. I think she would look great if she's looking for a modeling job but she's not applying for a modeling job. Her earrings were just so distracting I gagged just at the sight of them. I guess, big earrings are meant more for parties and other festive occassions.

2. Jeans, Maong Pants

For some reason, I believe this is one of the most common mistakes applicants commit. I know maong pants are comfortable but that's also the reason why it's not impressive. They look too casual as if the applicant was strolling at the mall and suddenly decided to apply for a job. I believe that even if the interviewer or even if the whole company you would want to work for wear jeans, applicants should still wear slacks or skirts.

3. Flowing long hair

Okay, I am rather traditional even when it comes to hairstyle. Everytime I have to interviews, I tie my hair in a pony style or in a bun. I don't know I think I look more confident and clean. Whenever I see girls applying for a job with untied long hairs, I would want to recommend to tie their hair. More so, when they have bangs that seem to cover their whole face. I don't care if it's rebonded. I just think that a tied hair looks more professional and less casual. Put it this way, a guy with a clean-cut hair looks more competent and more professional for an office job than a guy with a long hair. So this also goes for women.

4.  Casual shoes or sandals

I don't know how vague the word, "formal" is but I think wearing flat sandals do not fall under the category of "formal." In one of my interviews, there was this girl who looked decent enough with her formal clothes. But her appearance was ruined with her footwear. She was wearing slip-ons. I know it's comfortable on foot but you're not going to an interview to be comfortable. For girls, the best thing to wear are closed shoes- black, brown, white. No red shoes please! For boys, don't dare wear your rubber shoes!

I think some people think that with their resume, they can get to impress the boss. Sure, the information in your resume may look impressive but it would help a lot if you yourself look impressive. Your resume may get you the job but your appearance will get you the professional regard you want.

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