Thursday, August 4, 2011

Beach Resort in Bantayan: Be Wowed at Beach Placid Resort

Beach Placid Resort is located at Sta. Fe, Bantayan Island in Cebu. It is a bed and breakfast inn that boasts of a long stretch of fine white sand and clear waters. The beach rivals that of Boracay shores without the mad crowd. Though the facilities are basic and austere, the service is world-class.(As in!) All the staff- from the reservations to the driver are always ready to give a smile and to assist the guests. Budget wise- it's more than what you paid for!

Beach Placid's Shore

 Accommodation and Facilities:

Beach Front Rooms at Beach Placid Resort

Beach Placid has two types of rooms based on structure- the native cottages and the modern ones. For this trip, we rented a native cottage good for two. The facilities are very basic but clean. The room has a bed, a closet and a CR. The CR doesn't have a door but a curtain. This is just worth P500 with free breakfast so I think, we're not supposed to expect more. They also provided transportation services from Sta. Fe Wharf to the resort. They also provided soaps and towel and the room doesn't smell. It's not also airconditioned but the fan along with the sea breeze was enough to keep us cool.

Native Cottage good for 2 (Our room before leaving)
The only thing that bothered me at night was the swish of the coconut leaves. Before going to bed, I kept on wondering whether it was raining or not. There was also some coconuts that fell on the roof of our cottage.

As for facilities, Beach Placid has a bar and restaurant which is open until 11 pm, I think. They have a fixed menu at a reasonable price- not too expensive for resort rates. The seafood are great especially the danggit. They also have massage services.


Based on my experience, the best time to swim on the beach is around 9 am to 3 pm. Before and after those times, the water is so shallow that the shoreline expands for several meters.

Aside from swimming, we also rented bicycles and motorcycles from the resort. Here are their rates as of August 2011:

Bicycle:                30/ hr
Motorcycle:         50/hr,    300 for 8 hrs,  450 for 24 hours
Island Hopping:   900 for 2 pax, 1200 for 3-5 pax, 1500, for 6-9 pax

You can also rent skim boards which I didn't get the price.

How to Get There:

From Mactan Airport, take a cab to the North Bus Terminal. Ride the metered white cabs, they cost less. Without traffic, the trip would take less than 30 minutes. At the terminal, ask for the Ceres Bus bound for Hagnaya. I recommend to take the airconditioned ones because the trip would last for 3 to 4 hours depending on the traffic. Hagnaya is the last stop for the buses and you can easily see the port upon your arrival at Hagnaya terminal. From Hagnaya Port, take a ship or a ferry that would transfer you to Sta. Fe Wharf. The sea ride may last for 1 1/2 to 2 hours. From the Port, the shuttle of Beach Placid will be there to meet you!

Cost of Transportation:

From Mactan to Terminal via cab:      P150
Bus Ride to Hagnaya Port:                P150 (Ceres Bus- Airconditioned)
Ship Fare:                                         P170

Other Tips:

1. Take time to buy or bring your own drinking water esp. if you're on a budget.

2. You'll enjoy the place better if you know how to ride a motorcycle than hiring a traysikad.

3. Allot at least around 3 days and 2 nights to make up for time you spent on traveling.

4. Be prepared to understand Cebuano. 

Whether you're in a budget or not, take time to visit Beach Placid. Good facilities, better shoreline and the best service!

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