Monday, September 26, 2011

Review of Online Job Sites in the Philippines

I've been job hunting online for the past weeks using various job search engines. This led me to share the following reviews of online job sites. Let me share my insights about them.

1. Search jobs at Jobstreet but as much as possible don't submit your application online. 


I've been using Jobstreet since I was in college to search for job vacancies. The good thing about jobstreet is that a lot of prominent companies post job vacancies on this site. The job postings are also reliable since companies pay for each job post. However, as much as possible don't submit your applications on this site. I've applied to various jobs here and submitted applications here but I haven't got a positive response. It's always the application is in process then the application is closed.

Honestly, I don't know if the staff of jobstreet actually considers every application. Modesty aside, I have excellent credentials. This can be attested with the fact that when I submit my application through a company's email add, I am always considered and most of the time, I reach the final stage of application.

Instead of submitting your application through jobstreet, send your application directly to the company stated on the job post. Usually, there's an email mentioned on a job post. If none, look for the company online and search for the email add of the company. If there's none, that's the only time you submit through jobstreet.

In a nutshell, Jobstreet's job postings are reliable but their screening and application processes are doubtful. 

2. Use Best Jobs for best results when searching for local employment.


Obviously with the heading, I love Best Jobs. The best thing about this site is that it indicates exactly how to apply. The site prefers job seekers to send their applications directly through the company. Most of the job postings also indicate the salary and the duration- things that job seekers need to know. Based on my experience, Best Jobs give results. I mean most job postings that I've applied through Best Jobs, contacted me. This is also true with some people I know who use Best Jobs. The only edge that Jobstreet has against Best Jobs is that some companies that post jobs on this site are small-scale companies since it is a free site.
I haven't tried using this site for employment abroad but this is absolutely reliable with local employment.

In a nutshell, Best Jobs is highly recommended with local employment esp. with small and medium-scale companies.  

3. To ensure safety and reliability, use Work Abroad for overseas employment. 


Yes, I also searched jobs overseas and is the most reliable site for overseas jobs. First, the agencies who listed the jobs have licenses from the POEA. Second, you can check through the site the approved job orders by POEA and which agencies offer them. Third, agencies actively searches the jobseekers' profiles uploaded on the site. Lastly, the site offers a lot of information regarding working abroad including placement fees, visas and other requirements. Thus, it can be said that when you use this site your worries about illegal recruiters will be greatly reduced.

In a nutshell, this site is very reliable for those who are searching overseas jobs.

4. Browse Jobs Db for additional list of possible jobs but don't rely on it too much.