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Bataan Resort: An Intimate Hideaway at Bonito Resort

Tucked along the shores of Morong, Bataan and hidden by the Zambales mountain ranges, Bonito Resort is the perfect place for a relaxing weekend getaway. 

It's an accidental blessing that I came across the website of Bonito Resort. Initially, my family planned to stay at Coralview Resort, also in Morong Bataan. However, Coralview has an earlier peak season (Nov. 20) compared to other resorts so we decided to look for other places. (When it's peak season, prices are so way up!) Two days before our trip, I was able to personally talk with Ms. Zenaida Guico, the owner of Bonito Resort. She was very congenial and was generous enough to give us a discount and discharge us with corkage fees. Since there are more than ten of us travelling, we were able to save a few thousands!

My brother's girlfriend along the shores of Bonito Resort

We arrived at Bonito Resort at around 2 pm. We were readily welcomed by one of the staff- Ate Nelia. She doesn't smile that much but she looks approachable. She allowed us to have our lunch at their restaurant while the other staff were preparing our room. The best thing is that we have the whole place for ourselves since we were the only guests at that time!

After eating lunch hurriedly (since we're so starved cause it's way past lunch), Ate Nelia ushered us to our room- a dorm room good for 12 people. It's airconditioned, with cable TV and private bath. The room size is enough to move around. The double-decked beds are wide enough to hold two people for each bed. Aircon was cold that we had we turn it off several times. The private bath has hot and cold shower ideal for families with little kids.

My sister on the viewing deck

Bonito Resort also has a restaurant and bar but they did not open it since we were the only guests. However, Bonito Resorts offers cooking services for their guests. The staff was helpful enough to instruct us where the market is. We bought rice, fish, danggit and longganisa good for dinner and breakfast for the following day. The staff was very accommodating. They lent us utensils and glasses without charge and they prepared our food on time! Given that there were a lot of us, I think they were very patient with our demands.

The shoreline of Bonito Resort is clear and fenced. There were also several resorts next to each other so the place was quite lively until the early hours at night. The beach water is clear with moderate waves. The sand is fine and dark. Sunset is the best time with the horizon changing hues several times. Bonito Resort has a viewing deck that can give you an overview of the area.

My brother swimming on Bonito's pool

A 4 feet pool with slide is also available for kids. Open cabanas that can hold 15 people surround the pool area. I think it's not a good thing to visit this place during peak seasons since the resort is not too big.

The market and other stores are also within the area so it's convenient to buy water, food and other stuff. 

With clear shoreline, glorious view of mountain ranges plus an accommodating staff, Bonito Resort can offer you a relaxing stay.

How to Get There: 

Bonito Resort is best reached through a private car.
From NLEX, exit through at Fernando, Pampanga.
Pass through San Fernando, Guagua and Lubao until you reached Layac Junction.
As a marker, Layac Junction has a group of statues clustered togeter. When you reach Layac Junction, drive straight towards SCTEX.
Drive through SCTEX using Tipo Exit.
Continue driving until you reach Morong Gate. From Morong Gate, follow the winding roads until you reach the town proper.
From the town proper, follow the markers of Bonito Resort.

Caution: Although the roads are not rough, they are winding so beginners are not advised to tackle these roads.

Cost: From our house in QC to Bonito Resort and back, gas cost us less than P1000 using Mitsubishi Adventure. Toll fees are about P500 in all.

Other Activities: 

1. Singing with Videoke

Bonito Resort has a videoke machine. You can request the staff to turn it on.

2. Island Hopping and Snorkeling

The Pawikan Sanctuary is about 20 minutes away but to be honest, there's nothing much to see there. The boatmen also offer snorkeling services but there's nothing much to see underwater so it's not worth it.

Other Tips: 

1. The best place to swim is on the shore at the right side of the resort after Phi Phi Laya Resort. The immediate beach area of Bonito has some big rocks.

2. Make reservations through phone call so you can haggle with the owner if you're on a budget.

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