Thursday, March 22, 2012

Capones-Anawangin-Nagsasa Coves: Travel Tips

Summer is here! What better way to spend the summer than to hit the beach. A popular destination for budget travellers and campers is the Zambales Coves- Capones, Anawangin, Nagsasa and Silanguin. All of these are located in Pundaquit, San Antonio- about 2 hours from Metro Manila. 

But before exploring these coves, consider the following tips: 

1. Bring Sun Block (and a Wide-Brimmed Hat)

I know that people should put on sun blocks when in the beach but visiting these coves will really expose you to the sun so don't ever forget your sun blocks! Most of the boats that offer island hopping services have no roofs. Just bare fishing boats! It took my skin a year to shed the darkness on my back when I visited these islands. 

2. Bring water and food

All of these islands are not developed. They are campers' islands esp. Nagsasa and Silanguin. The cost of drinking water sold in these islands is double the price. Also, there are no restaurants or canteens. so bring cooked meals or canned goods for your lunch or dinner. 

If you plan to stay the night at any of these coves, be prepared to share washrooms with others. 

3. Don't stay beyond 4 pm if on a day tour

The sea waters are usually rough on late afternoons. So if you're just on a day tour, going back at Pundaquit must be at around 3 or 4 pm. It would take half an hour if you will be coming from Nagsasa or Silanguin. Keep in mind that you're not riding a roro. You will be riding small boats that can easily be toppled by strong waves.

4. Avoid bringing babies

The coves of Zambales are ideal for groups of friends. Family outings can also be done here except if there are really small kids. Since, you'll be using small boats from Pundaquit to the coves without roofs, I think it's not advisable to bring small kids. The waters of Zambales is generally calm but it's already an open sea. 

So list these tips, gear up and have a safe and enjoyable trip!

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