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Milk Tea, Milk Tea: Review of Milk Tea Brands in the Metro

I was never a fan of tea or milk.  It was only recently when the postings on my facebook persuaded me to try one of the food, or rather drink, craze right now- milk tea! To catch up with all the milk teas I missed ever since its conception, I went the rounds to trying all the milk tea stands and stalls in a mall near my house.

So let me share with you my own take on the milk teas I have tasted so far: 

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This brand of milk tea is my favorite. Their milk teas are sweeter compared to other brands. And cheaper too! I've tried all their milk tea flavors and the best for me is the Caramel Milk Tea. 

Just an advice, their blueberry and strawberry milk teas don't taste that good. They resemble the taste of medicines- kinda sour and artificial. They also don't have the infamous wintermelon milk tea yet. 

Location: SM Fairview, 2F Annex Bldg. 

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I've tasted Tearrific's wintermelon milk tea. The taste is smooth with enough pearls. A regular-sized tea is about P55. Nothing really unique to set it apart from other brands. Just be careful when holding it since the container seems more "crushable" than other brand. 

Location: SM Faiview, 2F Main Building near Max's Restaurant

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Sorry for those who adore Happy Lemon, I think their milk teas taste a bit bland. The pearls are also bland and small compared to other brands. It's like there's more water and it's not that thick. But for some reason, there's always a long queue in their stall in Trinoma. (It must be me who's having a problem with taste buds!). Also, their milk teas are more expensive than other brands. I think the cheapest you can buy is about P85- the milk tea with black pearls. 

Just an advice, brace yourself for waiting esp. on weekends. 

Location: Trinoma Mall, 3F near the Cinema

4. Tea Tattle 

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This brand is also one of my favorites. (I think my second in the list. hehehe!) I only tasted their creme teas. My favorite is the Tattler's Choice Milk Tea. The milk is creamier and the taste of tea blends smoothly with the taste of milk. There's also plenty of pearls- no need for additional ones. It's also relatively cheaper than other brands. Cheapest is P60 for 12 ounces. 

Location: SM Fairview, UG across Goldilocks

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I simply don't like the taste of their tea esp. if it's mixed with egg white. For me, their milk teas taste like medicines- tolerable to some extent but not something you'd choose to taste. I actually did not finish my milk 

Location: SM Fairview, LG Annex Bldg. 

So there's my initial list of milk tea brands. I'll have another round of tasting other milk tea brands! 


  1. I dont like also the teas on happy lemon. I bought their twice and I dont like the taste.

  2. Bigcup Milk Tea (located at D Tuazon Street near Mcdonald D Tuazon corner Retiro St)
    I like their Milk Tea and the Wintermelon Milk Tea. The blandness of their milk tea is tastier.


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