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Vietnam Travel Guide and Information: My Tho-Ben Tre Upper Mekong River Cruise Tour Package

If you haven't been to any South East Asian countryside, then having this river cruise is worth the time. On a personal note, however, this tour was a disappointment to me. Maybe because I'm from the Philippines, an Asian country,  this tour did not offer any "new sights" for me.

Vietnam Tour Day 2: 

Just like on our first day, we were fetched by a van at around 8:15 in the morning. Another hour was spent in getting other people who will also join the tour.

The city of My Tho is about 3 hours from Ho Chi Minh. It was a long drive considering that the traffic was very light. It is in My Tho where the river boats are docked.

Along the way, we stopped in a handicraft store where people with disabilities make wood engravements just like where we've been to the day before.

sample artwork

We then proceeded to My Tho City. Personally, there's nothing unique about this place. The port is located on the edges of the city proper.

striking a pose near the dock
We rode a motor-powered boat to get to the four islands. From the dock, it would take about 20 minutes to get to the first island. Take note, the Mekong River looks very dirty- brownish and muddish. Good thing it's not stinky.

First stop, we were treated with fruits grown in Vietnam- papaya, watermelon, chico, pineapple and star apple, together with tea. We were also serenaded with Vietnamese folk songs and music.

fruits, fruits, fruits!

vietnamese folk singers
Next stop is a short boat ride in the midst of a narrow river. Two people were rowing for us.

boat rowing or rowing boat?
Then we proceeded to the Honey Bee farm where we were shown how the bees make honey. We were also given sample organic sweets- ginger candies, banana chips, etc.

sticking my finger on a bee colony to get honey
After the Honey Bee Farm, we went to see Coconut Place. This is where various coconut products were showcased- coconut candies, bags, figurines, etc.

covering coconut candies

figurines made from coconut
From the Coconut Place, we rode a horse-drawn carriage to usher us into the place where we'll have our lunch.

elephant fish (optional lunch)

There were three girls in our tour who thought that we'll get to swim during the trip which did not happen. Just an opinion, you can forego this trip and choose instead to have another tour package.


10 USD - Tour package fee (Tropic Tour) with lunch
3-5 USD - Tips


1. Wear something light.
2. Bring water and a hat or cap.

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