Thursday, April 26, 2012

Affordable Team-Building Venue: Rizal Re-Creation Center, Laguna

Rizal Re-Creation Center is located at Rizal Laguna, an hour or two away from Los Banos. Its wide space of rolling terrains and serene atmosphere makes it a perfect place for a retreats, team-building activities and family gatherings. 

Aside from family outings, another event that employees look forward to is team-building events. Rizal Re-Creation Center in Laguna offers an affordable place where you can relax amidst the coconut trees and lush greenery, hold physical/ sports activities on its wide grounds, convene meetings in their function halls and enjoy sumptuous meals plus hear God's refreshing message through Rev. Joe Mauk, the director of the place.

Going with a group of Christian families, we rented a dorm room which can hold 10-12 people. The dorm room has its own basic toilet & bath and veranda. It's not airconditioned but with the abundance of trees, there's actually no need for that. There's also an option to set up tents if you're feeling "campy" but you have to use the common CR which are in poor condition.

Decks at the Center's Dorm Room

The Center's grounds are idea for volleyball, badminton, basketball and other games. They even have a sand area for physical activities. You can borrow sports materials such as balls, nets and rackets form the administration office for free. You can even ask if you need to have a particular set-up.

Sweating for a basketball game

Pushing that big ball around the sand area

For those who are mentally-inclined, Rizal Re-Creation also has an area for chess games.
Trying to play chess

To cap off a tiring day, the place also has a pool where you can wade along its cool waters.

Night swimming at Rizal Re-Creation Center

There's no need to bring meals since the Center offer buffet services at very affordable prices.
We only paid P800 per pax to enjoy the facilities, food and accommodation.

For a refreshing yet serene summer outing, visit Rizal Re-Creation Center.

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