Saturday, April 28, 2012

Milk Tea Place in Quezon City: InfiniTea

Craving for some place to enjoy milk tea? If you're around Fairview, Quezon City try the newest milk tea place- Infinitea!


The problem I have with milk tea stalls in the malls is that is lacks space where customers can hang-out and lounge. So it's such a discovery for me when I found Inifinitea where customers can enjoy their drinks Al Fresco style. 

Their most famous flavor, of course, is Wintermelon! The element of tea in this concoction is stronger with a milky aftertaste. There's also an abundance of pearls so add-ons are not really necessary. The Golden Dragon flavor is also good. For me, it tastes like iced coffee with a fruity aftertaste. A regular-sized milk tea ranges from P60 to P90. Since the place is newly-opened, they have a free upsize! 

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Couches and a message board, Moonleaf-style, are also offered in Infinitea. Another good thing is that this place is open until late at night- beyond mall hours. The only problem is the parking space especially on weekends. Infinitea does not have its parking space so you have to shove your car in an available space. 

So invite your friends and grab a glass of milk tea at Infinitea!


It's across the road before FEU Hospital at Dahlia, Fairview, Quezon City. 

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