Monday, April 8, 2013

Private Hot Spring Resort in Laguna: Villa Valentino

There are many private resorts in Pansol, Laguna but I know it can be hard to pick the best ones. My family and I go to Laguna almost every year to ease the summer heat. This year, I personally find the private resort we rented better than the ones we used before. This is the Valentino Private Resort. 

Valentino Private Resort is located in the midst of hot spring resort hub of Laguna- Barangay Pansol. The resort's location is ideal compared to others. It's not in the forefront so there are no street noises but it is not also in the interior part making stores accessible from the resort. 

The pool and space are the best things about Valentino. The pool is creatively-shaped. It's not round, not rectangular or any other thing. I like it because it's not overwhelmingly large or deep. The deepest part is 6 feet while the most shallow 4. There's also a net to shield swimmers from sun's rays during day swimming. There's a jacuzzi cum kiddie pool beside it so kids can also enjoy. The water's temperature is just right- not scalding hot. Also, the water is not heavy with chlorine. The the tiles are clean which is an important thing to consider I think. Some resorts have pool tiles which are full of mildew and molds.
Adult pool at Villa Valentino
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Kiddie Pool at Villa Valentino
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Some resorts in Laguna consists of rooms and pool with limited open space for parking.  At Valentino, there's open space. I think the place is ideal for small parties with 30 to 50 people without being cramped. It is that big. There's also a billiards table, karaoke and kubo. 

kubo house at Villa Valentino
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There are four rooms. Two are air conditioned. All four, the rooms can accommodate 20-25 people. The only issue I have about the rooms is the worn-out furniture. I think the resort should invest on new furniture to eliminate the "old feel" of the rooms. Other than that, the rooms are okay. They are not exceptional but they are acceptable. 
airconditioned room
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Lastly, for a good private resort, Valentino is quite affordable. We rented the place for 8,000 Pesos for 12 hours on a Holy Week (the peakest of the peak season) for 30 people. It's a good deal, I think. 

To reserve the resort, you can contact 0915-7467423. Enjoy the summer!

Note: I forgot to take my own pictures during my stay. I was busy having fun. I'll replace these pictures from the people who were with me. 

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