Thursday, January 9, 2014

Farewell from This Purple Coffee Wanderer

It's been almost a year since my last entry on this blog. After I moved to Japan, priorities have changed including things to write about. There's nothing I can write here anymore. The Purple Coffee Wanderer had ran its course.

I'm officially retiring this blog but I won't delete this. The numerous things I tried to cover here is a reflection of who I am in the years of this blog. I realized how much I love to travel, how much I love to share information and how much I love to write. I can see a part of me in this blog- someone who wanted to see the world, someone who valued information and in rare moments, someone who can feel passionately about something even without a tag price.

I'm striving to be a better writer and blogger. This blog showed me that there's a big room for improvement. Still, I'm glad I started somewhere.I'm grateful to all the people who took time to read the writings and ramblings on this blog. Knowing someone is reading this kept me going. I'm not the best blogger there is. My blogs are not entirely impressive or even evocative. But I hope, they have been informative enough to help the reader get some needed information. I hope, my blog helped you even in the smallest of ways.

It has been a pleasure to have reached you through The Purple Coffee Wanderer.


With high hopes,
The Purple Coffee Wanderer

PS: In my hopes to be a better writer, I started two other blogs. One is on my life in Japan. It's the Purple Pen in Japan. (Yes, I love the color purple.) The other is a Christian blog- The Lovely Cup. I hope you take time to browse them and feel free to leave comments. Thank you.

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