Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Things to Do in Boracay: Best for First Timers

As a first time tourist in Boracay, I spent lots of time researching about the place before I went there. As much as I wanted to experience everything what Boracay has to offer, my time and resources are limited. For a three-day vacation, it took me sometime to "weigh" things I should prioritize doing. If you are as pressed for time (and money) as I was, at least don't miss the following activities.

1. Paraw (Sunset) Sailing

My mom taking a pose during the paraw ride

Paraw is a water vehicle similar to the vintas in Zamboanga. It is powered by the winds and manually steered. What's good about it is that it is s environmental friendly and (according to the kuyas who steer the parawa) it can withstand strong winds unlike the motor boats. Sailing the paraw is a an authentic Boracay experience since, as far as I know, paraws are native to the Aklanons. No other tourist spots yet have these sails to boast. No need to reserve for a ride since there are a lot of paraws which you can avail at P150 per head. They are ducked at Station 1 before Willy's Rock. Just make sure to have your cameras waterproofed since it is quite bare. The best time to sail is at around 4 or 5 pm just before the sunset.

2. Jonah's Shakes

Most blogs on Boracay recommended for tourists to taste Jonah's shake. Following their tip, I also decided to try their shakes and compare them with the other shakes in Boracay. And true enough, Jonah's shakes are outstanding! It has no rock ice. The blend is thick and creamy with just the right amount of sweetness. It's just unexplanable! A glass of shake can be consumed by two people. Plus, the service is great! You can find their store at Station 1 near Willy's rock.

Chillin' with Jonah's Shakes

3. Night Stroll at the Beach

A stroll at the beach is always romantic. In Boracay, however, it's more than that. If you're into observing people and discovering places, strolling the shores of Boracay at night is an experience in itself. Some parts of the beach are very much alive with fire dancers and party people grooving the night away. Some parts are quiet that beckon lovers to sit and share some moments together. Some parts are throbbing with activity with all the merchandises stores have. Some parts are made for a fun evening together-whether with family or friends.

4. The Sand Art

The natives of Boracay found another way to earn extra with their artistic hands. You can find some kids and even adults making some sand figures such as the one above. Then you can pose with the figures that they made for a minimal donation. (It's up to you how generous you can be.)You can also request them to make your own choice of figure for a minimal fee.

There are still a lot of things that Boracay can offer but you can also experience them in other beaches. Those that I've mentioned are, so far. authentically- Bora.

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