Monday, December 20, 2010

The Gift

With the Christmas spirit all over the air, this book is a must read to remind us all of how this season should be celebrated. That is, let's spend time with the people we love, the people that matter to us. For as the book points out, you can earn lost money but you can never earn lost time. So spend your money wisely but spend your time MORE wisely.

This story revolves around a workaholic man named Lou Suffern who had neglected his family for such a long time. His work is his life. He justifies his working habits by providing for his family. With a promotion up for grabs, Lou cannot resist to spend more time at work and less time at home. It was not until a beggar named Gabe appeared in Lou's life. With a seeming magic pill, Lou can attend to two places at the same time- work meetings and family events. Only it was just a chance for Lou to make things right because time had ran out for him. The time Gabe gave to him to be with his family was just a gift.

Though the plot may seemed cheesy and cliche, the narration was well-crafted and fast-paced. There were no abstractions and there was no attempt to be philosophical. I guess, it was just aimed to illustrate a life of what many people may have been leading and to remind them to stop and pause for awhile. In the end, the book will leave you with a question "Who/ What do you live for?" A question just in time to be reflected upon at the end of this year! The Gift

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