Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Boracay Three-Day Tour in a Nutshell

No matter how long a vacation is, it is never enough. People would always want more, more and more time. This is especially true when you're in the paradise-island of Boracay. Honestly, before I went to Boracay, I was thinking what was the big deal about Bora. There are also a lot of white beaches in other places such as Palawan, Zambales, Bohol, etc. Not until when I step on Bora shores that I fully realize why people love to go to Bora. There are so much things to do. The sand is powdery-white- the finest I have ever seen. All the conveniences are there and there's so much excitement going on. So even if a lot has been written about Bora, let me just share with you my own experience.

Together with my parents and my boyfriend, we had a three-day Bora experience.

Day 1:

We left Manila at around 7 am via Cebu Pacific and arrived at Caticlan airport in less than an hour. We took a shuttle to Caticlan port, rode a pumpbotat then rode a shuttle again to the hotel. These shuttle services were availed from the hotel where we stayed, Boracay Holiday Resort at Station 2. We arrived at the hotel past 10:00 am. We checked in, arranged our things and had lunch. We explored the beach. Station 1 is such a good place for a swim. The sand is finest. You can also find Willy's Rock and the paraw sailors.

At around 4 pm, we sailed through Paraw which is reminiscient of vintas in Zamboanga. It was an exhilirating ride! Paraw costs P150 per head. Just approach the sailors and tell them you want a ride. Some will offer it a higher price. Feel free to haggle. After the ride, we tasted the famous Jonah's shakes which ranges from P90- P120. We went back to the hotel and fixed ourselves for dinner. We capped the day with a buffet dinner along the Boracay shores.

Day 2:

We started our second day early because we've planned to go island hopping. The island hopping cost us P1000 for half day. We also paid P20 per head for fish food. We went to Crystal Cove island where there is a private resort. We didn't go in the resort anymore since you still have to play for  P100. Then we went to Crocodile Island to snorkel and to feed the fishes. The last leg of the trip was to Puka Beach. It is a secluded cove with white sand and clear waters. Our trip ended at around 12 noon. 

After island hopping , we ate lunch at a Mongolian restaurant in Station 1 then went back to the hotel for a nap. Aroud 3 pm, we explored the markets in Station 3 where you can buy cheaper pasalubongs. Then we tried the Banana boats which cost P250 for an hour ride. Before going back to the hotel, we had some pictures taken with the sand castles. We had dinner at a buffet restaurant again and explored D'Mall which is behind the resorts and restaurants in Stations 1 and 2.

Day 3:

The trip ended soon enough. Though our flight was still at 12 noon, we had to leave early because our flight was in Kalibo airport. It will take 3 hours to get to the airport. In short, our Day 3 was uneventful. We just had our last meal in Bora and off we go!

Our trip was jam-packed because we wanted to have a taste of everything that Bora has to offer. But of course, there are still a lot more that we missed. Maybe next time!

Cost of the trip for 4:

P 8,000 - round trip airfare via Cebu Pacific for 4 people  (2,000/pax)
   5,000 - accommodation at Boracay Holiday Resort for 2 nights, family room
   5,000 - round trip services from the airport and back for 4 people (1,200/pax)
      800 - terminal fee at NAIA
        80 - terminal fee at Kalibo airport
   1,000 - boat rental for island hopping for 4 people
        80 - fish feed for 4 people (20/pax)
      600 - Paraw sailing (150/pax)
   1,000 - banana boat (250/ pax)
   6,000 - estimated cost of all the meals we have taken
P28,160 - total

Take note that this is a modest budget for 4 people.

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