Sunday, April 3, 2011

Hotel and Accommodation at Guimaras: Raymen's Beach Resort

Raymen Beach Resort is located at Alubihod Beach, Nueva Valencia at Guimaras Island. It shares the shoreline with two more beach resorts which names I forgot. Raymen Beach Resort was our choice since we read good reviews about it and the price for their room are affordable.

We were supposed to stay at one of their Sampaguita room costing P700. However, upon seeing the room, we decided to transfer to a more comfortable air conditioned room which costs P1350. The Sampaguita room looks decrepit and dim. It has its own CR but the CR looks dirty. We're budget travellers but we also want to have some relaxation. Good thing about their staff is that they are accomodating. They easily granted our request for a change of room. The room that we got is comfortable but a bit small. The shower is also leaking making unceasing small noise of dropping waters. We had to play some music to drown the noise. They also don't have hot water and no TV. But they have towels, shampoo and soap.

Just like in any other resorts, food is pricey and you have to wait for 30 minutes for your food to be served. Since we're too hungry to wait, we went out of the resort compound and found an eatery just right in front of the resort. Food is cheap and tasty and service is quick. We only spent less than P200 for a serving of batchoy, pork sinigang, 3 orders of rice, fruit shake, coffee and pork barbecue. For dinner, you have to place your order before 7 pm because they won't be entertaining orders beyond the time.Their restaurant also closes at 9 pm.

beachfront of Raymen's 

The resort also boasts of boat services for island hopping. The first hour costs P400 with P150 for the suceeding hours. You'll need at least 3 hours to go to the islands so prepare about P700. The shoreline of Alubihod beach is short. You can walk along its shores in less than an hour. The spectacular sunset is also blocked by a protruding part of the island to its left side facing the beach.

The beach front of the resort has nets for for jellyfishes. It was also placed to serve as demarcation from other resorts. At night it is the only resort that is lighted. You can swim until 12 mn but be sure not to drown because the lifeguard is only posted until 8 pm.

There is also no need to contact someone to fetch you from the resort. Just outside the resorts are tricyles that will bring you back to Jordan Wharf for P250. It may seem pricey but you'll understand why when you learn that it will take you about an hour from Raymen to Jordan Wharf.

For reservations at the Resort, contact: 09185207271.

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