Monday, April 4, 2011

Iloilo-Guimaras Tour (Part 2): Island Hopping

At the very least, island hopping in Guimaras will take 3 hours. Unlike in other places, boats are rented in an hourly basis. The first hour costs P400 with P150 for the succeeding hours. A regular boat can carry around 4 to 6 people.

Places you'll see:

1. The Fish Sanctuary

It is a small fish farm where specific types of fishes are bred. We found several big groupers or lapu-lapu that weigh as much as a pig does. They also have breeds of pompona and milkfishes. You have to pay P25 to the caretaker. This will serve as a donation for maintaining the fish farm. Honestly, this can be missed if you're in a hurry. You won't be able to see the fishes up close. It's also a bit far from Alubihod beach and it's opposite of the other islands.

2. Ave Maria Island and Mangroves

Even if it's named that way, this island has no religious significance. According to the boat man, the island got its name because the owners are named Ave and Maria. The sand is yellow and the water is clear in this island. Just be careful cause there are some urchins. Opposite of this island is the island with mangroves. The water in between these islands is the best place for snorkeling in Guimaras.

3. Bat Cave

The name of the cave escaped me so let's just call it the bat cave although I did not see any bat. But I heard them while we took pictures inside the cave. It's a cave and that makes it special.

4. Nagtago Beach

You can find a rest house owned by a German national on top of the rocky cliff of this island. The place is peaceful and relaxing. There were no people in the island when we went there so it's very quiet. Sand is also yellow and water is clear. The calm waters make it a very good place for a dip.

5. Pawikan Rescue Center

You can find pawikan of all sizes in this sanctuary. The volunteers also allow people to hold the pawikans as long as you promise not to lose them. You're not required to pay anything but they encourage you to give donations to help maintain the center. Personally, this tied up the trip quite nicely!

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