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Beach Resort in Bohol: Dumaluan

Dumaluan Beach Resort is located in Libong Beach, Panglao a few kilometers away from Tawala. Tawala is the place of the more known Alona Beach. There are actually two Dumaluan Resorts. During our 4-day stay in Bohol late last year, we stayed in the bigger one- Dumaluan 2. Dumaluan 1 and 2 are owned by siblings.

The road to Dumaluan from the highway is a bit rough and deserted.  It is about an hour from Tagbilaran airport. You need to have some transpo arrangements esp. when you're going in groups. Boholanos travel using motorcycles. The resort has wide open spaces. Different types of accommodations are scattered all over the place. There's also a big pool where you can swim until 10 in the evening. There's also a large space for sports activities. 

standard room

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We reserved a standard room for one night which costs P1300. It's a spacious Bali-type room complete with wall lamps giving the room a romantic glow. It has high ceilings with floor-foot French windows. It also has its own veranda. It's airconditioned but it has no TV. The only thing I didn't like about the room is its musty smell  which persists all throughout our stay. It was also very noisy because there was some renovations going on when we stayed there.

On the other hand, the CR looks old. It's clean but the mirror and ceiling are a bit dilapidated. There's no hot water. Tiles are also old. But they offer soap and shampoo. 

shoreline in dumaluan

The best thing about the resort is its shoreline and the view. The shore is clear without the obstructions of boats. Sand is white and fine. Water is clear. It actually shares the same shoreline with Bohol Beach Club. Bohol Beach Club is a luxurious resort such as those featured in

dumaluan shoreline
They also have a restaurant which has a live band at night. The restaurant is pricey so if you want to eat for a cheaper cost, you may go to Dumaluan 1 which is beside Dumaluan 2. They have more food stalls there that are cheaper. 

So if you want some relaxation, a time for reflection and a space for retreat, consider Dumaluan Resort as a place to stay. 


  1. sayang naman i'd love to stay sana sa dumaluan beach resort kasi yun daw ang may pinakamagandang beach front but I've heard some negative reviews about the resort.thanks for this post

  2. hi melvin! there are actually two dumaluan resorts owned by brothers. when we stayed in dumaluan 2, we did not have any bad experience. the beach front was really far far better than that in alona beach.


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